We are the Sportsmen's Off-Road Vehicle Association of Delta County located in Escanaba, Michigan. We are a group of local sportsmen who enjoy riding ORV's through the scenic wilderness of Upper Michigan.

We promote ORV safety, responsible, courteous riding, environmentally friendly trail development and great family fun in the U.P of Michigan.

We hold our monthly meetings the last Monday of the month at 7:00 and we take monthly group rides the first Saturday. You may check our calendar for more specific information on location and ride routes.

Designated Trail Systems:

Youth ORV education classes:

Where does our money go?
We all pay $16.25 annually to ride our ORV's on public land, here is how it is used:
  • $0.25 to license agent
  • $1.00 to ORV safety education
  • $15.00 to ORV trail improvement fund:
    • Not less than 50% to trail maintenance and development
    • Not less than 12.5% to restore ORV damage to public land
    • Not less than 31.25% to ORV law enforcement
    • Not more than 3.125% to administration
    • Remaining 3.125% either to trails, damage restoration or law enforcement

Practical Skills Track Dedication Aug 20, 2010



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